We Want to Help Your Company

Our goal at Leg Up Marketing is to make your buisness a local brand name, while increasing your sales and profit.
Why go through the hastle of doing it all yourself when we can help you succeed now!

Our Services

Organic Video-Enhanced Search Engine Optimization We have created a powerful new customer-building tool which was developed for our Buffalo, NY jewelry store to dominate the online search traffic in your market.
Television and Radio Commericals Increase your foot traffic and sales with the help of our video production staff and our experienced marketing proffesional, Brian Dickman.
Social Media and Web Design We can increase your social media fan base, linking you to thousands of local and online potential customers.
Charity Diamond Fundraisers Your organization's supporters can raise thousands of dollars in one day with the help of our 1,500 square foot Showroom.
Don's Boot Camp Get to a "BIGGER YES FASTER" this year with the help of our talented retail sales proffesional, Don Hoffman