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October 26 & 27 - 2014

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"Don, I just want a Bigger YES Faster!"...

That's what one eager sales person recently said to me. And this coming Christmas and holiday season ...

Isn't that what what we ALL want?

the showroom on union

Last year, customer traffic at our new retail Showroom was robust, but many holiday shoppers seemed to hold back and take longer to make any gift-buying decision at all. Plus, there were customers who could afford the beautiful luxury of a large diamond ring, a custom gold bracelet or one-of-a-kind vintage item, but it took the highest level of salesmanship to convince them to say YES to that truly magnificent (and profitable) piece of jewelry in the showcase.

Now more than ever, store owners and their staffs need to quickly assess the real goals of the customer in front of them and instantly craft a strategy to coax that customer out of their conservative shell. I've always told my staff "What a customer says and what a customer is thinking can be VERY different things. Your challenge as a professional jewelry sales person is not to simply respond to what a customer is saying, but instead to reveal the goal they're really thinking about. That true goal might be way bigger and more profitable!

And how can you find out what's REALLY on a customer's mind? By ASKING QUESTIONS... and asking the RIGHT questions!

October 26-27 (Sunday/Monday) ... I'm hosting DON HOFFMAN'S PRE-HOLIDAY BOOT CAMP ... and it couldn't come at a better time for you or your staff!

Asking the right questions will:

  • Allow you to quickly assess the customer's real goals
  • Empower you with the confidence make appropriate and appealing recommendations
  • Enable you to show items from your store's inventory that will delightfully address their need.
  • Increase your average ticket on Diamond and Gold jewelry
  • Reduce your actual time spent on each successful transaction
  • Profit from closing more sales, and closing them with bigger margins

BOOT CAMPERS will experience two full days in a comfortable classroom setup right on the main floor or my 3,000 square-foot Diamond Showroom in the Niagara Falls-Buffalo NY region:

  • Don's Speaking Sessions with Q & A
  • Live Action Role Playing exercises
  • Engaging Real Customers at the Showroom

AND YOU MIGHT ASK "Is Gold Buying a thing of the past?" Certainly not! Gold may be $600 or more off from the 5-year heyday of the world's latest Gold Boom, but all that's meant is the Johnny-come-lately's that opened up OTC buying stores on every street corner have scurried away like mice to the cornfields from which they emerged. YOU are still the local, friendly, professional jeweler who can assess items properly and pay your customers accordingly for old gold, gold and silver coins, pocket watches, vintage watches and more.

And guess what? Asking the Right Questions still applies as much to OTC Buying transactions as it does to Retail Sales!

At my Boot Camp, we'll also train you and your staff to properly identify items for sale by the public, and to empower them with the ability to ask questions that will close more buying transactions more frequently and more profitable than ever before!

The cost of DON HOFFMAN'S PRE-HOLIDAY BOOT CAMP is $1,995 prepaid and includes a copy of my breakthrough book and DVD set "A Diamond Mine for the Self Sufficient Jeweler - a genuine classic that can enhance you and your staff's confidence in all retail and buying situations.

the showroom on union

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