Airport Plaza Jewelers Dazzling Diamond Fundraiser

Airport Plaza Jewelers has a proud record of support for community organizations, including four Easter Chocolate Sales which raised tens of thousands of dollars for People Inc. and Hospice Buffalo. We have also hosted special "Diamond Fundraiser" events at The Showroom on Union for the MDA and the Food Bank of WNY. In addition, we've publicized many local fundraisers through our daily television program, "The Showroom Presents" seen on MyTV Buffalo 49 and WBBZ Me-TV Channel 5.

the showroom on union

Now, your organization's supporters can raise thousands of dollars in one day! They simply shop from our $5 million dollars of gold and diamond jewelry inventory - which includes dazzling modern designs, plus exquisite vintage and estate pieces - and your organization earns 25% of the ticketed sale price of each item sold. We have jewelry priced from $49 to $49,000, and there is no limit to the amount of money your organization can raise on your special day!

It's as simple as organizing 100 or more of your non-profit's board members, membership, supporters, families and friends to attend a dazzling, diamond-studded ONE DAY JEWELRY EVENT at The Showroom on Union!

Select one day to be designated as "(Your) Day at The Showroom"

  • Generally a Wednesday or Thursday
  • Hours for your special event will be 12 NOON to 8:00PM

Publicize your event with:

  • A post card to your mailing list - templates available
  • E-mail blasts to your subscribers - samles provided
  • Facebook and social media announcements - artwork supplied
  • A video announcement with Don and your leaders - filmed at no charge

All we ask is for your organization to be responsible to deliver a minimum of 100 attendees between 12 NOON and 8:00PM day of the event.

  • 100 or More Visitors = 25% of ticketed price of all jewelry sold during your event will be donated.
  • Less than 100 Visitors = 15% of ticket price of jewelry sold during your event will be donated.

Just do a sample calculation and you can see how quickly your fundraising efforts can add up! For example:

  • If 100 people accept your invitation to attend your special fundraiser at The Showroom, and each person brings one guest...
  • That's 200 people shopping at The Showroom between NOON-8:00 PM
  • If just 25% of them buy items averaging only a $200 ticketed price, it would mean $10,000 in sales, which equals a $2,500 donation to your non-profit organization

But That's Not All!

people inc fundraiser

As everyone knows, Airport Plaza Jewelers buys old gold, silver and gold coins, sterling, pocket watches, vintage watches, diamond jewelry and more!

If your attendees sell items like these to us during the hours of your event, Airport Plaza Jewelers will add to your donation a special bonus in the amount of 10% of the cash paid out.

So...Whether your supporters are buying jewelry from our huge and beautiful selection of:

  • Diamond Engagement Rings
  • Diamond Anniversary Bands
  • Diamond Fashion Rings
  • Diamond and Gold Estate Jewelry
  • Diamond Pendants and Solid Gold Necklaces
  • Diamond Stud Earrings
  • Gold and Diamond Bracelets

Or...if they're selling their old jewelry and coins in any condition...

They'll be supporting the vital financial needs of your organization in a big way!

For more information and a working agreement form which outlines in writing the specific terms for your Dazzling Diamond Fundraiser, contact us today! Ask for Don.

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